Our mission is to promote, create, and maintain a natural surface trail system in Georgetown for outdoor recreation, public health and well-being, economic development, and community enrichment.

With its uniquely scenic terrain, twin rivers, rugged lake, plentiful green space, and already existing trail infrastructure, Georgetown is uniquely poised to offer one of the best nature trail systems in the state of Texas. We believe there is a rising opportunity for development of natural surface trails within and around the city of Georgetown.

With the greater Austin area continuing to grow rapidly, an expanded natural surface trail network would provide valuable space for residents to recreate and exercise, thereby improving public health and well being. An improved trail network would also attract visitors, provide economic opportunities for local businesses, and garner positive press for the community’s reputation. Such a network would also align well with the goals of other local non-profit organizations and private and public entities, which we hope to work closely with to help further mutual goals.

We strongly feel that a well designed trail system that is free, inclusive, and equitable would help connect the community of Georgetown, both to one another and to the natural environment. Citizens of diverse backgrounds, identities and experiences all stand to benefit.

Board Members

Perry Steger profile
Perry Steger

Perry lives in Georgetown with his wife Mary. His family moved to Georgetown a half century ago, so he has had a front-row seat to dramatic changes to his town. He enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and fishing.

Aaron Zander profile
Aaron Zander
Vice President

Aaron has lived in central Texas for over a decade. He loves mountain biking and trail running. He is passionate about bringing new opportunities to ride and run to the Georgetown area. Aaron is married to Dana and they chase 3 kids around on a daily basis.

Cove McCormick profile
Cove McCormick

Cove has been a Georgetown resident for 18 years. He has served on the boards of many Georgetown community organizations. Until the trails foundation, his favorite was serving as Little Dribblers' president. Cove is passionate about his family, community, and any outdoor activity. He is a BICP certified skills coach and ride leader.

Trevor Barrington profile
Trevor Barrington
Board Member

Trevor moved to Georgetown in 1999 and graduated from Georgetown High School. He, his wife Jenna, and step-daughter Piper enjoy everything Georgetown has to offer from the parks and trails to the great local food scene.

Paul Littlefield profile
Paul Littlefield
Board Member

Paul is the local owner of Georgetown's premier bike shop Georgetown Cyclewerx. He moved to Georgetown with his wife Nancy in 2004. When he's not serving his customers, he's most likely flying down a mountain bike trail with friends.

Brazos Fielder profile
Brazos Fielder
Board Member

Brazos Fielder moved to Georgetown from Austin in 2017. When he is not enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two sons, he works as a family medicine doctor and serves on the Georgetown Parks and Recreation Board. He is interested in trail design and the impact of trails on public health.

Grant Mendelsohn profile
Grant Mendelsohn
Board Member

Grant moved to Georgetown in 2004 from Southern California. He enjoys many things outdoors but mainly golf, mountain bikes and fresh berms. He is excited to work with GTF to build something that the entire community can enjoy.

Luke profile
Luke Zander
Junior Board Member

Luke is a Georgetown native with a passion for getting dirty and using the backpack blower. He brings youthful energy to board meetings and dig days and can usually be found on the trails with his family or playing sports for his school.

Committee Directors

Erika Rix profile
Erika Rix
Director of Trail Stewardship

Erika has been in the Georgetown area for 12 years. She is an endurance athlete and loves the outdoors. If you are interested in helping maintain trails, please contact Erika at (740) 607-3950.